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This site contains photos and scans of various ginger wine memorabilia, mainly adverts, beermats, bottles and jugs, signs, and miscellaneous promotional items plus other ephemera.

Stone's green ginger wine is a popular fortified wine alcoholic drink. There are various other makes of ginger wine, and many supermarket own brands, but Stone's original is probably the most widespread. Traditionally ginger wine is found in many British households, especially at Xmas time, and is mainly enjoyed on its own or with ice, or alternatively mixed with Scotch to make a Whisky Mac.

Other recommended sites include the official Stone's Original Green Ginger Wine website, and the Wikipedia Ginger Wine web page.

There are many ginger wine adverts on this site, ranging from the 1890s to the 1980s. To see all ginger wine advertisment please click here - Adverts. Here's an example of a ginger wine ad.

An example of a ginger wine beermat. To see all beermats please click here - Beermats.

An example of a ginger wine sign. To see all signs please click here - Signs.