GingerWine advert - Seep eet

[A newspaper advert from the 1920s. Also found in the Fortunes of a Family Firm book.]

Seep eet
Drink eet
Drain eet

- being the famous "Sip it, Drink it, Drain it," advertisment for Stone's Ginger Wine as we overheard it recited by Monsieur De Canter on his introduction to Britain's National Comforter and Digestive.

Seep eet....
Feel it tinkle on ze tongue, hein?
-It's warm sweetness
--And its sweet warmness
Clinging to ze palate
-Allur.... ah! delicieusement.

Drink eet....
Is it not ze tres comfortable glow
-Inside you, yes,
It fill you wiz a sense of
-Ze bon life.

Drain eet....
Je suis, tu es, il est....
-Oh! la-la
It warm and cheer
-Ze very shellfish - what you
-say? - cockles - of your heart.

Monsieur De Canter

The ORIGINAL Green Ginger Wine - Famous since 1740.

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