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Stone's Party Book

A party is usually great fun, except for the person who is running it . . . unless it is properly planned.

Designed and produced by G.S.Royds Ltd. for the Proprietors of Stone's Ginger Wine, Moreland St., London, E.C.1.

Invitation to the Party...

Warmer than a handshake!

Home Movies

All win when Stone's comes in..

Bottle Games

Television Parties

A 1740 Party

Garden Parties

Christmas and New Year Parties

Cocktails, Soft Drinks... and Games for ALL Parties

Whisky Mac
1/2 Stone's Ginger Wine.
1/2 Rothsay Whisky.
(Voted the drink of the year at thousands of parties.)

Gingerbury Cocktail
1/3 wineglass Finsbury Gin.
2/3 Stone's Ginger Wine.
3 or 4 dashes Angostura Bitters.
Shake well with ice.

Rosy Rapture
1/2 Rothsay Whisky
1/2 Stone's Ginger Wine
3 dashes Angostura Bitters.
Fill with ice, shake well and serve.

1/4 French Vermouth.
1/4 Italian Vermouth.
3/8 Stone's Ginger Wine.
1/8 Finsbury Gin.
Juice of Orange or dash of Lemon.

West Indian Ginger Swizzle
1/2 wineglass Crushed Ice.
A few dashes Angostura Bitters or Lemon Juice.
1/2 wineglass Stone's Ginger Wine.
1/2 wineglass Fox Rum.
Shake well and serve.

[Internet Warning - these "soft drinks" contain alcohol - this text is reproduced verbatim from the original 1950s booklet]

Hiker's Haven
1/2 wineglass Stone's Ginger Wine in 3/4 of a tumbler of Lemon Squash.
A deliciously cooling and reviving drink.

Take 2 "fingers" of Stone's Ginger Wine and fill up with soda. A most refreshing drink when you are hot.

Stonoda Cup
Take equal quantities of Stone's Ginger Wine and Soda Water. A few slices of Cucumber or sprigs of Borage. Freshen with any ripe fruit. Add sugar and lemon to taste and a few lumps of ice.

Have you ever tried old English Fruit Wines?
Stone's make Orange, Rich Raisin and Elderberry Wines which are delicious in themselves and make wonderful flavourings for cocktails.

One for the Way Home..

When your guests arrived, you gave them a welcome "warmer than a handshake" - Stone's Ginger Wine.

Now - after having had a jolly good time - your guests are about to leave. Shut that front door for a moment. Just a moment, everybody! Have a last glass of genial glowing Stone's Ginger Wine. Sip it... there's liquid warmth to trickle through your veins. Drink it... there's comforting glow to make you laugh at chilly nights. Drain it... and home, well protected.

It just goes to show that you can't throw a party without STONES...

[Back inside cover contains a cartoon]

"I can't remember the name but it brought me out in a warm glow all over."

Reproduced by permission of the Proprietors of PUNCH

meet and drink..



* famous since the year 1740

[this meet and drink ad also used a general advert in print]

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