GingerWine advert - Talkies

[Another variation on the Sip it verses, this time looking across thje Atlantic. Also found in the Fortunes of a Family Firm book.]

As you might hear a famous advertisement on the talkies.

The well known "Sip it, Drink it, Drain it," advertisement for Stone's Ginger Wine rewritten with apologies to to the producers of "Sideboard Melody".

Sip it...
It shure gives a nifty nip
To yer speak-piece
Its comforting warmth
Sorta curls around yer palate
With a lovin' hug.

Drink it...
And how's that
For a 100% central heater
There's a tingling glow
In yer inner Adam
That makes yuh want to shout

Drain it...
To the last drop
And that's Scene III and the drop curtain
On any Jack Frost stuff
That's cramping the style
Of a warm heart

The ORIGINAL Green Ginger Wine famous since 1740.

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