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Stone's Ginger Wine Sounds Of Summer Cassette Tape from 1986. Outer, inner, and tape itself.

Sounds of

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Refreshing Drink Recipes

No drinks cupboard is complete without a bottle of this traditional British Wine. Stone's is produced from a centuries old recipe involving the importation of dried grapes which are then macerated and fermented to produce a wine. The wine is then fortified with spirit and matured in old oak vats to help achieve Stone's unique mellow roundness.
The gingering occurs when the wine is steeped on the powdered, dried root of the green ginger plant (hence the name Green Ginger).
Stone's is sold exclusively in its own distinctive packaging and is the only wine in the world to feature the City Of London coat of arms on the label.
Worldwide demand for Stone's owes much to the versatility of this Green Ginger Wine. When drunk as an aperitif, as a 'mixer' or in a cocktail, it is ideal for any type of weather or occasion - this year Stone's are sponsoring J24 yacht racing, a class that attracts many of Britain's top helmsmen. The 1986 J24 National Championships take place in Cowes from July 19th to 25th, whilst October sees the 'Championship of Champions'. These are a series of races in J24s open to top celebrities from other 'big boat' classes. Ginger is proven to be the best remedy for 'mal de mer'!
Opposite we've suggested some refreshing mixes for you to try. Enjoy the Sounds Of Summer with the taste of Stone's Ginger Wine.


10 fl oz (300ml) orange juice - 20 fl oz (600ml) soda water - 5 fl oz (150ml) lemon juice - 20 fl oz (600ml) Stone's Ginger Wine - sugar to taste.
Mix ingredients in a jug and serve in glasses together with ice cubes. Decorate with thin slices of orange.

1 teaspoon of lemon juice - 1/2 glass of West Coast Cooler - 1 measure of Stone's Ginger Wine - ice and fruit to decorate.
Put a liberal helping of ice in a tall glass, pour on the lemon juice and Stone's. Top up with West Coast Cooler and add fruit as required.

1 bottle of sparking wine - 1 bottle of Stone's Ginger Wine - 1 bottle of Soda Water - 1/2 bottle dry vermouth - Juice of grapefruit - 1 lemon.
Chill the sparkling wine and ginger wine. Pour both into a large punch bowl (or jug). Add the soda water, vermouth and grapefruit juice. Mix well and chill for at least one hour. Finely slice the lemon and halve each slice and add to the jug. Serve in tall glasses with lots of ice and top up with soda.

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